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Howard languages are typically interpreted, which means that constants are echoed, so that the ubiquitous example is:
demo  1> "Hello world";
"Hello world"

with a not so common result: the citation marks are kept. Related to this is
demo  1> "Hello \"Jørgen\"";
"Hello \"Jørgen\""

Citation marks can be avoided in two ways: use of a prefix operator ~
demo  1> ~"Hello \"Jørgen\"";
Hello "Jørgen"

or: change a status
demo  1> output_quotes(0);
demo  1> "Hello \"Jørgen\"";
Hello "Jørgen"

Except for this quirk, HL:demo share properties with many other programming languages, especially those that depend on static scope and type inference. Instead of illustrating bottom-up, we shall show some larger examples with an emphasis on distinctive aspects relevant for software engineering.


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A heterogeneous system

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